Development of techniques and resources for Drosophila study
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KeyWord:Drosophila melanogaster  Genetic tools  Fly resources
徐荣刚 清华大学医学院
王霞 清华大学医学院
王芳 清华大学医学院
孙锦 清华大学医学院
毛德才 清华大学医学院
乔欢欢 清华大学医学院
贾豫 清华大学医学院
朱芮葆 清华大学医学院
彭娉 清华大学医学院
刘鲁萍 清华大学医学院
倪建泉 清华大学医学院
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      Drosophila melanogaster is an ideal model organism for diverse topics in biomedical research with various advantages. However, the limitation of genetic tools and fly strains always blocks further study of related research. To promote our research, we developed and optimized the CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing system, developed CRISPR/dCas9 based transcriptional activation system and the next generation of transgenic RNAi technique in Drosophila. Equipped with these techniques, we can simply, efficiently and specifically regulate the genes we are interested in. Meanwhile, taking advantage of these novel genetic techniques, we built the library of mutant flies, transgenic transcriptional activation flies and transgenic RNAi flies. These genetic tools together with corresponding fly resources make Tsinghua Fly Center (THFC) to be one of the most important centers of Drosophila techniques and resources around the world. Importantly, both these techniques and the fly strains are widely used in the entire Drosophila research field, and have broad impact on the research efforts in understanding development and diseases.
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