Effects of 4 weeks resistance training on hypoxic induced skeletal muscle atrophy in rats
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KeyWord:SD rats, skeletal muscle atrophy, hypoxia, resistance training
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      【Abstract】Objective This study aimed to explore the effects of resistance training on hypoxic induced skeletal muscle atrophy in rats and provide theoretical basis to solve the problem of skeletal muscle atrophy of athletes in altitude training . Methods 24 male 8-week-old SD rats (mean body weight 230g) were divided into 4 groups: Normoxia control group (C), Resistance training group (R), Hypoxia group (H) and Hypoxia Resistance training group (HR). H and HR group were placed into simulated 4000 m altitude (12.4%, O2%). Moreover, R and HR group received resistance training. After 4 weeks hypoxia and resistance training intervention, body composition, the wet weight of skeletal muscle (soleus, musculus gastrocnemius, extensor digitorum longus and musculus biceps brachii) and skeletal muscle cross-sectional area (CSA) were measured. Results The muscle mass of HR group was significantly higher than H group. The wet weight and CSA of musculus biceps brachii in HR group were also higher than H group obviously. Conclusion Resistance training can help prevent the occurrence of skeletal muscle atrophy induced by hypoxia. Resistance ladder training can stimulate the hypertrophy of biceps.
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