Advances in research of the establishment of an inbred Mongolian gerbil model of cerebral ischemia and its mechanism of pathogenesis
Received:June 10, 2018  
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DOI:10.3969/j. issn. 1005 - 4847. 2018. 04. 017
KeyWord:Mongolian gerbil; cerebral ischemia; inbred; suppression subtractive hybridization
李长龙 首都医科大学基础医学院,北京
杜小燕 首都医科大学基础医学院,北京
王冬平 军事医学研究院实验动物中心,北京
陈振文 首都医科大学基础医学院,北京
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      Mongolian gerbil has cerebral vascular variation. It is a good laboratory animal model in cerebral ischemia research. However, the low successful rate affects the stability of research result and does not meet the animal welfare requirements. Our group proved that the cerebral vascular variation is a genetic trait. Next, an ischemia?prone gerbil group was established by the through selecting and breeding. Our group bred a cerebral ischemia inbred gerbil with 76. 62% of animals missing circle of Willis and 88. 89% of animals with cerebral ischemia by selectively inbreed by sister?brother mating. The method of genetic monitor for inbred Mongolian gerbil were established based on biochemical loci and microsatellite DNA. The characteristics of growth and development, blood physiology and biochemistry of the inbred cerebral ischemia Mongolian gerbil were analyzed, which provides a foundation for the application of this model. We found that VEGFA gene, and signal pathway of AKT/ PI3K and Notch are correlated with Mongolian gerbil cerebrovascular development. Moreover, four genes related to the development of cerebral blood vessels were screened by suppression subtractive hybridization ( SHH). The cerebral ischemia inbred gerbil successfully solves the problem of model low incidence, reduces animal use, improves the reliability and stability of result, and promotes the related research of its mechanism.
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