X-ray CT imaging of normal abdominal and pelvic organs of adult rhesus monkeys
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KeyWord:Rhesus monkey; Abdominal cavity; Pelvic cavity; Computed tomography; Anatomy
周建华 福建中医药大学实验动物中心,福州
范春梅 福建省人口和计划生育科学技术研究所非人灵长类动物实验中心, 福州
李志雄 福建省人口和计划生育科学技术研究所非人灵长类动物实验中心, 福州
俞春英 福建中医药大学实验动物中心,福州
王训立 福建中医药大学实验动物中心,福州
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      Objective To obtain X-ray computed tomography (CT) imaging of abdominal and pelvic organs of healthy adult rhesus monkeys. MethodsSix conventional laboratory rhesus monkeys, 3 male and 3 female, in the age of 5-8 years were included in this study. The monkeys were placed on the CT table-board in supine position and were scanned to get CT images of the abdominal and pelvic organs by enhanced scan techniques. Volumetric data were collected and reconstruction of the original data was conducted. Meaningful anatomical scanning images were observed, identified and selected:7 images of the abdominal structures and 10 pelvic organs (5 of males and 5 of females), and each layer of the major visceral organs were labeled. ResultOn the CT images, the subtle changes of most organs and tissues could be distinguished, and the interface of relatively large organs and blood vessels was clear. But the interface of smaller organs, blood vessels, nerves and muscles, etc. was not distinct. ConclusionsCT images of normal abdominal and pelvic structures of healthy adult rhesus monkeys has been obtained in this study. It provides valuable imaging basis for further studies on disease diagnosis and scientific experiments. 
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