Establishment of a Bama miniature swine model of coronary artery stenosis by thoracoscopy
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KeyWord:coronary artery; stenosis; swine model; Thoracoscopy
张海涛 空军总医院心血管内科,北京
罗惠兰 空军总医院心血管内科,北京
朴龙松 空军总医院心血管内科,北京
刘朝中 空军总医院心血管内科,北京
田毅 阜外心血管病医院动物实验中心,北京
陈浩 空军总医院心血管内科,北京
甘适 空军总医院心血管内科,北京
张超 空军总医院心血管内科,北京
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      ObjectiveTo explore a more effective, stable method to establish animal model of coronary artery stenosis assisted by thoracoscopy. MethodsThe proximal left anterior descending branch of the left coronary artery (LAD) in Bama miniature swine was ligated permanently using a silk suture by thoracoscopy, and induced LAD stenosis to different degrees. Selective coronary artery angiography was performed postoperatively to evaluate the degree of stenosis by quantitative coronary angiography. ResultsAmong the 20 swines, coronary artery stenosis models were successfully constructed in 18 swines. Ventricular fibrillation occurred in 2 swines during the procedure and they died 8 hours and 48 hours after effective defibrillation, respectively. The results of selective coronary angiography showed that there were LAD stenosis degree 20~50% in 7, stenosis degree 50~70% in 6, and stenosis degree 70~90% in 5 swines. The success rate of operation was 100%, and the success rate of model construction was 90%. ConclusionsFull-thoracoscopic operation can be successfully used to construct animal models of coronary artery stenosis to different degrees with less injury than open thoracic surgery.
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