Comparison of the Cyt b Gene Sequences in Tibet Mini-Pig and Other Chinese Pigs
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KeyWord:Tibet mini-pig;Cyt b gene;Comparative research
LI Hong-tao,XIAO Dong,GU Wei-wang,WU Qing-hong,YUAN Jin,WANG Wan-shan,ZHANG Jia-ning
LI Hong-tao~1,XIAO Dong~2,GU Wei-wang~2,WU Qing-hong~2,YUAN Jin~2,WANG Wan-shan~2,ZHANG Jia-ning~2 (1.First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University,Guangzhou 510120,China,2.Laboratory Animal Center,Southern Medical University,Guangzhou 510515,China)
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      Objective To analyze the Cyt b gene sequences in Tibet mini-pigs and clarify the differences and genetic relationship with other Chinese pigs. Method The sequence of Cyt b gene was amplified from genome DNA of Tibet mini-pig,Bama miniature pigs,Guizhou xiang pigs and Wuzhishan(WZS) pigs.After sequencing,the base sequences were compared and analysed.The blood relationship tree and evolution position of Tibet mini-pig were established. Result There were 14 mutation sites between domestic pigs in China and pig...
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