Establishment of Tetracycline-Dependent Regulation of SV40 Tag Transgenic mice
  Revised:November 05, 2004
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KeyWord:Tetracycline,Gene Expression Regulation,Transgenic,Models,Animal
SUN Qiang,YUE Ting,LIU Ying,FENG Jie,DONG Juan,CAO Hui,ZHANG Rong,ZHU Hong,LIU Quan-hai,LI Hou-da
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      Objective To establish a tetracycline-dependent regulation of SV40 Tag transgenic mice.Methods\ p205-sv40Ta p205-rtTA-C3 and pTRE-Tag dual transgenic mice was generated by pro-nuclear microinjection and embryo transplantation.Positive founder mice were identified through both PCR and Southern blot.Results\ A rtTA and Tag dual positive transgenic mice,two rtTA single and one Tag single transgenic mice were confirmed by PCR and Southern Blot.The expression of Tag mRNA was detected by RT-PCR in the ovary of the dual transgenic mice which were administered with tetracycline in the drinking water.Conclusion\ The results of this study indicate that it is possible to establish a tetracycline-dependent regulation of SV40 Tag transgenic mice by administeration of tetracycline in the drinking water.
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