The Comparison in Biological Characteristics among Murine Hepatoma 22 Cell Lines from Different Institutes

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    Objective\ To compare the biological characteristics of H 22 cell lines from different institutes. Methods\ H 22 cell lines from three institutes,that is,Beijing H 22 from Institute of Pharmacology of Chinese Medical Academy,Shandong H 22 from Institute of Pharmacology of Shandong Medical Academy and Wuhan H 22 from China Center for Type Culture Collection in Wuhan,were kept in KM mouse abdominal cavity,then their comparative analyses of culture behavior in vitro, growth feature in vivo, pathomorphism and therapeutic outcome were carried on. Results\ The growing speeds of three cell lines in vitro and in vivo were different markedly.The growing speed of Wuhan H 22 was fastest ( P<0.01 ) with the best consistency.Shandong H 22 could inoculate successfully at lowest cell concentration of 10\ 4 cells per mouse.The tumor conformations of different H 22 were different.The mice bearing H 22 tumor were treated with CTX, showing the highest neoplastic inhibition rate (74.6%)in mice with Shandong H 22 . Conclusions\ The biological characteristics of H 22 from different institutes were markedly different,though they were of the same origin.\;

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