Genetic quality evaluation in different populations of tiger barb, Puntius tetrazona used microsatellite markers
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KeyWord:Puntius tetrazona  Microsatellite marker  Genetic quality  Multiple PCR reaction
陈晓虹 中国水产科学研究院珠江水产研究所
张新铖 中国水产科学研究院珠江水产研究所
刘春 中国水产科学研究院珠江水产研究所
王芳 中国水产科学研究院珠江水产研究所
李凯彬 中国水产科学研究院珠江水产研究所
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      Objective To analyze and evaluate the genetic quality of closed populations and inbred population of tiger barb, Puntius tetrazona. Methods The microsatellite sequences with abundant polymorphism in tiger barb were screened, and two multiple PCR reaction systems were established. Then four populations were analyzed by capillary electrophoresis to identified the genotype and evaluated the genetic diversity. Results The average number of alleles in wild group, WT closed group, BT closed group, and inbred group were 6.5833, 3.1667, 3.0833, and 3.1818. The average polymorphic information content were 0.5969, 0.3748, 0.4159 and 0.4241, respectively. The analysis of population genetic quality showed that the results of genetic differentiation between the four groups were consistent with the process of the inbred population bred from the wild and closed group gradually. Conclusions These microsatellite markers can be used to analyze the genetic quality of different populations of tiger barb, providing a methodological basis for their genetic quality control and monitoring.
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