Studies on the establishment of a closed colony of conventional naked mole-rats and their biological characters
投稿时间:2018-06-01  修订日期:2018-06-19
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KeyWord:naked mole-rats, convention, closed colony  standardization, hypoxia-resistance, anti-aging
崔淑芳 海军军医大学基础医学院实验动物学教研室
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      Naked mole-rats (NMR, Heterocephalus glaber) are a unique species of rodents that demonstrates high longevity tumor resistance hypoxia tolerance and pain insensitivity. These features make NMRs widely used mammalian models for biomedical research in aging, cancer, neurobiology and other fields. Their laboratory animalization and application are very important. Thus, the research group produced a systematic study on the establishment of laboratory animalization and standardization of NMRs. Through the study of reproduction, genetics, microbiology and nutrition on NMRs, the difficulties of low reproductive rate, unclear genetic background and unidentified pathogenic microorganism were overcome. The population of the ordinary closed NMRs was successfully established, and the present population had been propagated to the sixth generation. At the same time, the biological characteristics of the population have been systematically studied, such as hypoxia tolerance, anti-tumor and anti-aging, which will provide new strategies for the prevention and treatment of related diseases.
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