Research Progress on Preparation Technology and Retrofit Strategy of Monoclonal Antibody from Mouse to Whole Human
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KeyWord:Murine  Whole human  Monoclonal antibody  Glycosylation  Single cell sorting technology
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      Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) have become one of the fastest-growing areas in the bio-pharmaceutical industry because of their unique advantages such as specificity, high potency, and low drug resistance, and they have been successfully used in the treatment of various cancers, autoimmune diseases and other diseases. From the initial development of murine monoclonal antibodies to the current all-human monoclonal antibodies, new preparation techniques, such as single cell sorting and sequencing techniques, have been emerging. At the same time, it will help to further improve its stability and affinity by changing the glycosylation level of whole human monoclonal antibody and optimizing the affinity maturation technology of monoclonal antibodies. At present, the efficacy and safety of whole human monoclonal antibodies are still concerned by the industry, and they also face many challenges, such as how to balance them while reducing their immunogenicity, and further improve their affinity, are still promising new technologies or strategies.
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