Establishment of prostate cancer PDX model and screening of therapeutic drugs
投稿时间:2018-01-11  修订日期:2018-03-12
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KeyWord:Prostate cancer, PDX model, Androgens, Stromal niche, Therapeutic drugs
陈薛 成都医学院
师长宏 第四军医大学
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      The high-fidelity prostate tumor patient-derived xenograft (PDX) model is the basis for the study of the biology and pharmacotherapy of prostate cancer. However, the development and application of prostate tumor has been hampered by a low success rate of transplanted primary tumor in mice as the most prostate cancers are highly relevant for hormones. The high-fidelity PDX model of prostate cancer better maintains the histopathology and molecular heterogeneity of the original tumor. Here, we review the improved methods of establishing PDX model of prostate cancer, including the testosterone supplementation, the quality of the original tumor tissue as well as the stromal niche, and the application of commonly used therapeutic drugs to provide a theoretical basis for the clinical study of prostate tumor. These attempts are very important for development of new agents and mechanisms of prostate cancer research. It will further promote the individual treatment ofprostate cancer.
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