Research progress on the application of zebrafish in central nervous system diseases
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KeyWord:zebrafish  central nervous system disease  model animal
黄春念 广东医科大学附属医院
张晶晶 广东医科大学附属医院
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      As a new animal model, zebrafish has been widely used on the research of the development and disease related to various organs, such as nervous, cardiovascular, digestive and homopoietic system. Central nervous system (CNS) disease is one of the leading causes of death and disability worldwide. There is still lacking of effective therapeutic strategy to treat most of the CNS diseases, due to the low ability of self-regeneration and recovery of the neurons after injury. In recent years, zebrafish has been proved to be an ideal vertebrate model to study some of the CNS diseases because of their genetic physiology and other features are close and similar to humans. The application of zebrafish in CNS diseases has contributed largely on understanding the mechanisms and on the therapy of CNS diseases. This review summarizes the recent application of zebrafish on the study of CNS diseases.
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