Comparison of different anesthetics on rat heart rates using a cardiac electrical implant
Received:July 17, 2019  
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DOI:10. 3969 / j.issn.1005-4847. 2020. 01. 013
KeyWord:anesthetic; heart rate; dynamic telemetry technique of the cardiac electrical implanter; rat
李慧敏 河北省圣禄嘉妇产医院麻醉科,石家庄
于玉楼 河北医科大学药理学教研室,石家庄
唐贺 河北医科大学药理学教研室,石家庄
赵冉 河北医科大学药理学教研室,石家庄
董紫姗 河北医科大学药理学教研室,石家庄
王瀚冬 河北医科大学基础医学院,石家庄
杨晶 河北医科大学生理学教研室,石家庄
王川 河北医科大学药理学教研室,石家庄
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      Objective To observe the effects of five general anesthetics on cardiac electrical activity using a cardiac electrical implant in rats. Methods The anesthetic effect and cardiac electrical activity changes caused by five general anesthetics in rats were measured within 120 min before and after anesthesia using a cardiac electrical implant. Isoproterenol (0. 025 mg / mL) was administered to observe and compare the effects of the anesthetics on cardiac electrical activity in rats. Results Isoflurane and propofol acted quickly with stable anesthesia, fast recovery and minimal heart rate variations. Etomidate and ketamine acted quickly, but the anesthesia lasted a shorter time. Pentobarbital sodium acted slowly, and the anesthesia lasted longer, with a slow recovery and obvious inhibition of cardiac function. Propofol, etomidate, and pentobarbital sodium significantly reduced the effect of isoproterenol on the heart rate. Conclusions Isoflurane and propofol have the best anesthetic effect on the rats and least affected the heart rate. Isoflurane has the least effect on the isoproterenol-enhanced heart rate, suggesting that isoflurane is better suited for anesthetic operations and studying the effects of some cardiovascular active drugs on the heart rate.
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