Evaluation strategy of patient?derived xenograft models based on drug?screening of individualized treatment
Received:November 17, 2017  
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DOI:10.3969/j. issn. 1005 - 4847. 2018. 04. 019
KeyWord:patient?derived xenograft models; traceability; toxicity; therapeutic evaluation
张贺 1. 原沈阳军区总医院医务部,沈阳 ; 2. 空军军医大学实验动物中心,西安
陈薛 空军军医大学实验动物中心,西安
谭邓旭 空军军医大学实验动物中心,西安
师长宏 空军军医大学实验动物中心,西安
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      Patient?derived xenograft (PDX) models have high consistency with their primary tumors in terms of genetics, pathology, and biological characteristics. Being perfect in clinical response to drugs, this model shows a good prospect in tumor individualized treatment. It can be used to screen tumor target drug and effectively guide clinical medication. In this review, we focused on the evaluation strategy of PDX models based on chemotherapeutics screening, summarized the standards and quality control requirements of PDX models. We proposed four different ways to evaluate the traceability of models, including histological detection, sequencing analysis, tumor specific marker determination and short tandem repeat (STR) testing. Furthermore, chemotherapeutics effect can be evaluated by measuring drug toxicity, changes of tumor volume and establishment of TGD mathematical model. All these method applied in the PDX models provide perfect strategy for guiding tumor individualized treatment.
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