Construction of gastritis transformation into cancer model of rat and preliminary exploration of early diagnosis of gastric cancer
Received:April 23, 2018  
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DOI:10.3969/j. issn. 1005 - 4847. 2018. 04. 006
KeyWord:animal model; gastric cancer; transformation from gastritis to cancer; early diagnosis
纪润璧 江苏大学附属人民医院,江苏镇江
马吉春 江苏大学附属人民医院,江苏镇江
闻向梅 江苏大学附属人民医院,江苏镇江
林江 江苏大学附属人民医院,江苏镇江
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      Objective To construct a rat model of transformation from gastritis to cancer and to explore possible serological index for early diagnosis of gastric cancer. Methods N?methyl?N′?nitro?N′?nitrosoguanidine (MNNG) in drinking water combined with high salt feed were used to induce gastric carcinogenesis in rats. Dynamic observation of gastric changes in the rats was carried out by nuclear magnetic resonance imaging and histopathology. The expression of serum miR -17 -5p and miR -374 -5p of rats were detected by qRT?PCR at different time points (0th, 12th, 24th, 36th, 48th weeks). Results MNNG combined with high salt diet induced gastric alterations, through the atrophic gastritis (the 24th week) and atypical hyperplasia (the 48th week) process. The expressions of serum miR -17 -5p and miR -374 -5p were positively correlated with the degree of gastric changes in the rats. Compared with the normal control group, the expression of miR -17 -5p was increased about 8 times (t =4. 12, P < 0. 001) and 10 times (t =5. 33, P < 0. 001) at the 36th and 48th week, respectively, and the expression of miR -374 -5p increased by about 6 times (t =3. 62, 0. 001 < P < 0. 002) at the 48th week. Conclusions The rat model of transformation from gastritis into cancer is constructed by MNNG drinking water combined with high salt feed. It provides a good animal model for studying the pathogenesis of gastric cancer. Our findings preliminarily indicate that serum MiR -17 -5p and miR -374 -5p may be potential markers for non?invasive diagnosis of gastric cancer at the early stage.
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