Role of microstructure and physiological indexes of the inner ear in evaluation of the rat models of iron-deficient nephrasthenia deafness
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KeyWord:Iron-deficient nephrasthenia deafness; Models, animal; Cochlea, microstructure; Stria vascularis; Hemoglobin; Serum iron content; ABR threshold
徐亚平 第二军医大学上海长征医院耳鼻咽喉科,上海
顾健 第二军医大学上海长征医院耳鼻咽喉科,上海
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范静平 第二军医大学上海长征医院耳鼻咽喉科,上海
林顺涨 第二军医大学上海长征医院耳鼻咽喉科,上海
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      ObjectiveTo explore the significance of microstructure of cochlea and some physiological indexes in evaluation of the rat models of iron-deficient nephrasthenia deafness. MethodsOne hundred and twenty healthy Wister rats at age of 1-2 weeks and weighing 30-32 g, without ear disease and within the normal range of ABR threshold, were included in this study. The rats were randomly divided into experimental group (n=80) and control group (n=40). The male and female rats were fed separately. Iron-deficient diet was fed to the experimental rats and normal diet was fed to the normal rats, both for 12 weeks. According to the occurrence of nephrasthenia syndrome and ABR ≥15dB in at least one ear, 22 rats from the experimental group were diagnosed as nephrasthenia deafness, among which 20 deaf rats were taken as the experimental group, and 20 normal rats as the control group. ABR threshold was tested, hemoglobin and serum iron content were measured, and histological changes of the cholea such as stria vascularis and spiral organ were examined in all the rats of both groups. ResultThe ABR was (30±5) dB in the experimental group and (10±5)dB in the normal group; the hemoglobin was 11.80 g/L in the experimental group and 4.5 g/L in the normal group; the serum iron was 45.9 μmol/L in the experimental group and 22.23 μmol/L in the normal group, all showing a significant difference between the two groups. In the experimental rat cochleae, the blood vessels of stria vascularis were apparently decreased, and the trichobothria of hair cells were lost or lodging. ConclusionsThere are quite stable changes of the indexes such as hemoglobin and serum iron, ABR threshold, and the vascular changes in the cochlea stria vascularis and spiral organ in the rat models of iron-deficient nephrasthenia deafness, therefore, they may be good indicators for evaluation of this disease.
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