Establishment and dynamic evaluation of a rat model of one single bout of exhaustive exercise on treadmill
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KeyWord:Treadmill exercise; Animal exhaustive exercise model; Rat; Dynamic evaluation
刘晓莉 北京师范大学体育与运动学院,北京
罗勇 北京师范大学体育与运动学院,北京
乔德才 北京师范大学体育与运动学院,北京
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      ObjectiveTo establish and evaluate an acute exercise-induced fatigue animal model. Methods Twenty-four male Wistar rats ( 8-week-old) were used in this experiment. Multilevel increasing load (3 levels) of exercise scheme on the treadmill (0° slope) was applied to establish an animal model of one single bout of exhaustive exercise. Peripheral blood samples were taken from the tail vein at different time points (before exercise, 30 min, 90 min and exhaustion during exercise, and 30 min and 90 min after exercise), andblood concentrations of GLU, LD, BU, MDA and activities of CK and SOD were detected. ResultsThere were dynamic changes in the behavior and exercise ability, blood metabolites and energy material during the exhaustive exercise in the rats. There were significant increases in the levels of LD, BU, MDA (P<0.01) and activity of CK (P<0.05) in peripheral blood compared with those at rest. The concentration of GLU and activity of SOD in peripheral blood were significantly decreased, compared with those at rest (P<0.01, P<0.05). The characteristic changes of all indexes indicated that fatigue occurred. ConclusionsA rat model of one single bout of exhaustive exercise on treadmill has been successfully established, and the characteristics of changes and regulation of indexes at different stages (generation, development and recovery of fatigue) are objectively evaluated. This rat model is suitable for the research on exercise-induced fatigue and its mechanisms.
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