Myostatin Gene Expression Level in the Soleus Muscle of Tail-Suspended Rats
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KeyWord:Myostatin;Tail-suspended rat;Weightless;Soleus muscle
HUANG Qing-sheng,LI Qi,ZHANG Ming-jie
HUANG Qing-sheng,LI Qi,ZHANG Ming-jie(Key Laboratory for Space Biosciences & Biotechnology,Faculty of Life Sciences,Northwestern Polytechnical University,Xi\'an 710072,China)
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      Objective To study the effect of tail-suspending on myostatin(MSTN) expression in the soleus muscle of rats.Methods The MSTN mRNA levels in soleus muscle of tail-suspended and normal control rats were measured and compared.Results The MSTN mRNA in soleus muscle of tail-suspended rats was 2.2 times(hind limb unloading for 14 days) and 3.5 times(hind limb unloading for 30 days) higher than that in normal control rats(P<0.05).The relative wet weight of the soleus muscle in tail-suspended rats was decreased by ...
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