Recent Advances in Research on Animal Models of Diabetic Nephropathy
  Revised:November 25, 2004
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KeyWord:Diabetic nophropathy,Models,animal
LIU Yi,WANG Zong-bao
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      Diabetic nephropathy(DN) represents the most frequent cause of end-stage renal disease(ESRD) and threatens the life of patients with diabetes mellitus(DM).However,the pathomechanisms which cause renal damage in diabetes have not been completely clarified.An appropriate animal model may provide an opportunity for investigation of diabetic nephropathy.The animal models of diabetic nephropathy include induced,spontaneous and transgenic rodent or non-rodent.Some of the characteristics of these animal models are similar to those of human diabetic nephropathy in the development,pathogenesis,and functional and structural lesions of renal disease.The animal models of diabetic nephropathy can be applied in research of preventive medicine,etiology and mechanism of human diabetic nephropathy,and also to explore new medicines and therapeutic strategies to prevent progressive renal disease in diabetes.
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