Anmial Model of Acute Cardiac Insufficiency Induced by Coronary Artery Occulsion and Tachycardiac Stress
  Revised:November 12, 2004
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KeyWord:Acute cardiac insufficiency,Model,Rapid ventricular pacing,Coronary artery occlusion,Cardiac output
XIE Jin-guo,LIU Yi-li,XIU Jian-cheng,ZENG Ping,ZHA Dao-gang,LIU Jian
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      Objective To establish a canine model of acute cardiac insufficiency (ACI) induced by coronary artery occulsion and tachycardiac stress.Methods Studies were performed in 12 dogs using rapid ventricular pacing after the left anterior decending(LAD) coronary artery was ligated.Cardiac output(CCO) reduction was expected to 50% of the baseline.Hemodynamic measurements were performed in the dogs under different CCO conditions.Echocardiography was used to examine the cardiac size and left ventricular ejection fraction(LVEF).Blood sample was taken for examination of plasma renin (PRA) and endothelin(ET) activity.Urine output(UO),serum creatinine(Scr),creatinine clearance(Ccr)were also assayed.Results CCO was decreased by 50% steadily after right ventricular pacing following ligation of LAD.Arterial pressure and arterial oxygen saturation decreased while right atrial pressure,pulmonary capillary wedge pressure,systemic vascular resistance increased significantly.The cardiac cavity became larger while LVEF decreased.PRA,ET,Ccr increased while UO and Ccr decreased.Conclusion A canine model of ACI can successfully be created by right ventricular pacing following ligation of LAD.
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