Genetic Analysis of Laboratory beagle Dogs by Microsatellite Loci
  Revised:July 12, 2004
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KeyWord:beagle dogs,Microsatellite loci,Genetic analysis,Sequencing
XU Qi-fang,LIU Yun-zhong,ZHU Shi-jie,CHEN Jia-chang,SHEN Yu,Chen Zhao-wei,CHANG Hong
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      Objective In order to assess and verify the identity of beagle dogs bred in Guangzhou and from USA on molecular level,polymorphism of microsatellite loci of the beagle dog genome were analysed.Methods\ Using the short tandem repeats(STR) technique and sequencing of microsatellite loci to assess the DNA of the two dog populations.Results\ Six alleles were found in the samples.Among them,the populations of dogs from USA and dogs bred in Guangzhou had 6 and 5 alleles,respectively.Rates of alleles of microsatellite loci were calculated according to genotypes.Heterozygosity,polymorphism information content(PIC),rate of homozygosity,coefficient of gene differentiation of microsatellite loci were calculated by means of correlated formulas.It showed that individuals bred in Guangzhou had the heterozygosity 0.7010 and PIC 0.6747.In comparison,the individuals from USA had the heterozygosity 0.7876 and PIC 0.7515.Coefficient of gene differentiation is small(0.021).Conclusion\ Our findings indicate that the two populations did not form different independent groups.
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