Establishment and Evaluation of the Model of the Sciatic NerveFirearm Injury in Rabbit
  Revised:April 16, 2001
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KeyWord:Firearm injury,Sciatic nerve,Models
WANG Guibo,LI Bingcang,WANG Jianmin,WANG Xiaoqin,HUANG Hong,CHEN Lei,XU Chuan,ZHANG Liangchao
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      Objective To establish and evaluate the model of the sciatic nerve fire\|arm injury of rabbit.Methods According to the mass of steel ball and the charge, 26 rabbits were divided into 5 groups at random, 0.38g steel balls were used in the groups A,B and C, whose charges were 0.35?g,0.65g and 1.20g respectively; 1.03g steel balls were used in the groups D and E, whose charges were 0.35g and 0.65g respectively. The target was the midpoint of the lateral body surface projection of the right sciatic nerve. Velocity,transmission energy,wound tract dimension,occurrence of fracture and blood vessel injury,length of the injured sciatic nerve and the pathologic changes of the injured sciatic nerve were observed.Results The steel ball velocity of groups A,B,C,D,E were 621 6,939 8,1299 8,594 6 and 816 1m/s respectively. The transmission energies of groups C and E were 183\^2 and 165\^2J respectively, which were too high; the transmission energies of groups A and D were 18\^7 and 44\^2J respectively, which were too low; The transmission energy of group B was 80\^0J, which was well suitable. More fracture and blood vessel injury were found in groups C and E. Typical sciatic nerve pathologic changes were found in groups B,C and E. Conclusion Under the condition of group B, typical sciatic nerve fire\|arm injury could be gained easily, and the long\|term pathological changes of the injured nerve could be observed.
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