The Effect of Yi Shou Tang on the Activityof Immunity and Antistress of Mice
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KeyWord:Yi Shou Tang, Mice, Immunity, Antistress
Wang Lili,et al
Department of Pharmacology. Hebei Medical University
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      i Shou Tang was given to mice orally in the doses of 1g. 2g and 4g/kg scperately for 7 days. The activities of immunity and antistress wereexamined. The results showed that the swimming time and the endurancehypoxia in the 4g/kg group taking Yi Shou Tang were much longer than thecontrol group. Yi Shou Tang in the doses of 2g and 4g/kg improved theanticold activity. Morcver, YiShou Tang with the doses of 1g 2g and 4g/kg increased the serum hemolysin andphagocytic index but it had nosignificant effects on the de layed-type hypersensitivity.
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