ASGP Receptor Mediated Gene Transfer in Vivo
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KeyWord:Gene, transfer, Glycoprotein, Receptor,
Wang Xuejiao,et al
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      ehave developed a gene transfer system for targeting DNA tohepatocytes in vivo using a DNA carrier that takes advantage of ASGP(asiQio-glycoprotein) receptors for hepatocytes. This carrier systemincludes two kinds of funct ional components: one is ASGP whichcan bind ASGP receptors, the other is poly-L-lysine which can bindDNA in a strong electric interaction. Intravenous injection of 32P-DNA-poly-L-lysine-ASOR (asio lo-orosomucoid) or cqual amount of the mix-ture of individual const ituents demonstrated more speciffc target ingin the liver than in the spleen and the kidneys.
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