Volume 30,Issue 4,2022 Table of Contents

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Mouse models of experimental autoimmune thyroiditis under different conditions: a comparative study
  DING Xi, ZHAO Yang, WU Liping, LYU Hongjun, XU Huayang, ZHOU Yikun and SHI Bingyin
  2022,30(4):449-458 [Abstract]  [View PDF(10.50 M)]
Exploration of anxiety-like behaviors and excitability changes in the anterior cingulate cortex of the hyperalgesia priming rat model
  QIU Mengting, XI Danning, WEI Naixuan, WANG Sisi, YI Min, GUO Zi, FANG Junfan, FANG Jianqiao and DU Junying
  2022,30(4):459-468 [Abstract]  [View PDF(22.77 M)]
Circadian clock protein Rev-erbα agonist inhibits high-fat diet-induced inflammation of the prostate tissue in mice
  HE Yue, XU Hang, FENG Dechao, CAO Dehong, AI Jianzhong, YANG Lu and WEI Qiang
  2022,30(4):469-475 [Abstract]  [View PDF(9.51 M)]
Pathological and ultrastructural observations of lung metastases from Lewis subcutaneous grafts in C57BL/6 mice
  ZHANG Na, LIU Xuefang, WANG Zichuan, FENG Suxiang and ZHANG Pengfei
  2022,30(4):476-481 [Abstract]  [View PDF(7.28 M)]
Differences in the proportion of splenic immune cells and related stem cells between Alzheimer’s model (APP / PS1ΔE9) mice and normal mice
  LUAN Jing, HU Fengrui, GUO Huifang, LAO Kejing and GOU Xingchun
  2022,30(4):482-487 [Abstract]  [View PDF(3.13 M)]
Pharmacokinetics of melatonin in simulated microgravity rats
  FENG Li, CHEN Ying, PENG Bo, CHEN Tengfei, LI Tao and SUN Lihua
  2022,30(4):488-493 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.50 M)]
Protective effect and mechanism of action of Polygonati rhizoma polysaccharide on the cognitive impairment induced by simulating an enclosed space in mice
  LIU Yupei, ZHANG Yingyu, FAN Bei, LIU Xinmin, CHEN Ying, LU Cong and WANG Fengzhong
  2022,30(4):494-503 [Abstract]  [View PDF(10.97 M)]
Effects of microgravity on skeletal and metabolomics of mice simulated by 3D clinostat
  SONG Chenchen, KANG Taisheng, ZHANG Meng, GAO Kai, SHI Xudong and GUO Jianguo
  2022,30(4):504-512 [Abstract]  [View PDF(8.40 M)]
Effects of electroacupuncture of the subgranular area of the dentate gyrus on microglia activation, and learning and memory function, in depressed rats
  HUANG Wentao, LI Duoduo, LI Bing, CHEN Heng and LI Wu
  2022,30(4):513-519 [Abstract]  [View PDF(8.84 M)]
Effects of acute PM2. 5 exposure on lung inflammation and NLRP3 inflammasome activation in C57BL/ 6J mice and alcoholic fatty liver disease model mice
  JIANG Jinjin, ZHANG Guofu, DONG Yaqi and DING Shibin
  2022,30(4):520-525 [Abstract]  [View PDF(2.89 M)]
Isolation and purification of primary hepatocytes from HBV transgenic mice and their application in the study of liver injury
  HE Yun, HUANG Minjian and CHEN Yisheng
  2022,30(4):526-532 [Abstract]  [View PDF(6.88 M)]
Effect of aerobic exercise on endothelial dysfunction and visfatin in obese rats
  XIE Zhouyu, HE Aizhou, LI Ting, WEI Juan, WANG Aihong, WU Yunchuan and ZHANG Hongbing
  2022,30(4):533-539 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.96 M)]
Research progress in metabolomics related to aerospace medicine
  FENG Li, CHEN Ying, HU Xiaoru and LIU Xinmin
  2022,30(4):540-546 [Abstract]  [View PDF(872.51 K)]
Research progress on the effect of the space environment on pharmacokinetics
  LI Mengting, CHEN Ying, GONG Zipeng, YANG Qing, WENG Xiaogang, LI Yujie and ZHU Xiaoxin
  2022,30(4):547-556 [Abstract]  [View PDF(975.93 K)]
A review of space animal experiments conducted by the former Soviet Union and Russia
  DONG Lijinchuan, HUANG Hong, LIU Bin, YANG Ziyu, PENG Bo, CHEN Shanguang, JIANG Ning, LIU Xinmin and CHEN Ying
  2022,30(4):557-567 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.77 M)]
Research status of space animal experiments in Europe and Japan
  JIANG Ning, LIU Bin, ZHANG Yiwen, HU Qin, CHEN Shanguang, LI Yinghui and LIU Xinmin
  2022,30(4):568-573 [Abstract]  [View PDF(6.98 M)]
Research progress on the simulation of weightlessness in experimental methods and its influence on body
  HUANG Hong, YAO Caihong, ZHANG Yiwen, CHEN Shanguang, LI Yinghui, JIANG Ning and LIU Xinmin
  2022,30(4):574-581 [Abstract]  [View PDF(907.23 K)]
A review of space animal experiments conducted by the United States
  CHEN Tian, HU Qin, SHI Zhe, LIU Bin, CHEN Shanguang and LIU Xinmin
  2022,30(4):582-588 [Abstract]  [View PDF(861.89 K)]
Research progress on animal experiments simulating stress damage and protection in the space environment
  WANG Ling, YUAN Tianchen and WU Liyao
  2022,30(4):589-596 [Abstract]  [View PDF(882.15 K)]