Volume 29,Issue 2,2021 Table of Contents

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Establishment of TNFRSF4 knockout and humanized mice
  HUANG Yiying, BAI Lin, LEI Xuepei, LI Keya, LI Xinyue, HOU Liya and SHI Guiying
  2021,29(2):137-144 [Abstract]  [View PDF(8.62 M)]
Effects of silencing the oxytocin receptor in the basal forebrain on cognitive behaviors and the cholinergic pathway in rats
  RONG Cuiping, SONG Shuangshuang and HOU Xueqin
  2021,29(2):145-151 [Abstract]  [View PDF(16.78 M)]
Sheep bone collagen peptide calcium chelate ameliorates renal tissue lesions in ovariectomized rats
  JI Xia, DUAN Xiaochao, MA Linfeng, HAN Keguang and HUO Nairui
  2021,29(2):152-159 [Abstract]  [View PDF(10.66 M)]
Effects of royal jelly on mammary gland tissue of non-pregnant female rats
  LIU Yibing, CHEN Heng, XU Hao, ZHOU Guihua, LIN Zheguang and JI Ting
  2021,29(2):160-167 [Abstract]  [View PDF(4.11 M)]
Proteomic changes analyzed by iTRAQ in liver of aging female mice
  ZHU Mingxue, KUANG Haixue, LAN Xinjian and LIANG Hua
  2021,29(2):168-175 [Abstract]  [View PDF(4.00 M)]
Effect of sheep bone collagen peptide on immune function in rat peritoneal macrophages
  ZHANG Huiqin, HUO Nairui, JI Xia, DUAN Zhuo, MA Linfeng and GU Shaopeng
  2021,29(2):176-182 [Abstract]  [View PDF(991.52 K)]
Regulation of the maturation and motility of mouse epididymal sperm by interaction of SRC kinase and phosphatase PP1γ2 / PP2A
  WU Wenjing, ZHANG Xin, TAN Xia, XIE Daohao, YANG Minghua and LI Yahui
  2021,29(2):183-189 [Abstract]  [View PDF(4.87 M)]
Construction of a hepatocellular carcinoma mouse model by injection of a mutant p53 gene CRISPR / Cas9 plasmid and hepatoma cells
  WANG Yange, GAO Zihan, LI Zonglin, WANG Kanglong, BAI Xue, LI Ruifang, YOU Man and WANG Hongwei
  2021,29(2):190-196 [Abstract]  [View PDF(12.83 M)]
In vivo anti-tumor activities of Fomes Officinalis polysaccharide and the underlying mechanisms
  SHAYIBAI·Shabiti, CONG Yuanyuan, GULINIGEER·Abudumijiti and PALIDA Abulizi
  2021,29(2):197-203 [Abstract]  [View PDF(6.96 M)]
Development of a mouse model of papillomavirus-mediated skin wart
  LI Dan, CAI Fangzhou, LI Zhe and WANG Wei
  2021,29(2):204-209 [Abstract]  [View PDF(9.92 M)]
Study of the efficacy and safety of a trivalent EV71, CA16, CA10 VP1 protein vaccine
  NIU Dong, ZHAO Binbin, WU Jing, PENG Wanjun, ZHANG Lihong and LIU Jiangning
  2021,29(2):210-218 [Abstract]  [View PDF(5.87 M)]
Preparation of animal model of type 2 diabetes with Qi - Yin deficiency syndrome and establishment of evaluation index
  ZHANG Yixin, WANG Xin, LIU Bo, JI Fenglan, WEN Fuchun, DING Tao and XU Huibo
  2021,29(2):219-229 [Abstract]  [View PDF(7.23 M)]
Research progress in PDX models of castration-resistant prostate cancer
  SHUI Xue, XU Rong, ZHAO Jumei and SHI Changhong
  2021,29(2):230-235 [Abstract]  [View PDF(745.62 K)]
Research progress in animal models of pulmonary arterial hypertension
  LIU Yun and SUN Zengxian
  2021,29(2):236-241 [Abstract]  [View PDF(729.84 K)]
Research progress in patient-derived tumor xenograft models of heterogeneous transformation of prostate cancer
  SHI Changhong
  2021,29(2):242-247 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.39 M)]
Research progress in non-human primate virus infection models
  HUANG Tao, ZHANG Haitao, LI Zhixiong, CAO Hua and WANG Xinrui
  2021,29(2):248-255 [Abstract]  [View PDF(848.22 K)]
Research progress in mother-to-child transmission of Zika virus and animal models
  KUI Xiuying and DAI Jiejie
  2021,29(2):256-261 [Abstract]  [View PDF(744.92 K)]
Research progress and application of stem cells in the repair of osteoarthritis
  SUN Qingyun and YAN Zhenyu
  2021,29(2):262-267 [Abstract]  [View PDF(750.17 K)]
Research progress in animal models of olfactory dysfunction in neurodegenerative diseases
  LIN Lizhen, FAN Jiecheng, GUO Peiwu, ZHU Zongjing, DING Chenying and ZHANG Shuyun
  2021,29(2):268-274 [Abstract]  [View PDF(755.86 K)]