Volume 25,Issue 5,2017 Table of Contents

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Breeding and genotyping of a miR-5572 transgenic mouse model of sick sinus syndrome
  ZHANG Jin, LI Ying and FAN Jie
  2017,25(5):467-472 [Abstract]  [View PDF(7.56 M)]
Expression and regulation of PCOS susceptible gene Hmga2 in mouse uterine decidualization
  CAO Yong-zhi, ZHAO Yue-ran and LIN De-gui
  2017,25(5):473-478 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.32 M)]
Impairment mechanisms of acute hyperglycemia in the first-phase insulin secretion in mouse
  ZHAO Yi-nan, ZHOU Ying-sheng, YAN Di-en and GAO Xiu-ying
  2017,25(5):479-485 [Abstract]  [View PDF(5.09 M)]
Establishment of a neonatal mouse model of hypoxic-ischemic brain damage
  ZHANG Dan, ZHOU Yu-tao, XU Yu-ting, LI Zhi-rong, HU Xin, WANG Qian, LI Hong-chun and LI Fan
  2017,25(5):486-493 [Abstract]  [View PDF(9.28 M)]
Establishment of a rat model of acute gouty arthritis and observation of the model maintenance time
  CAI Tang-yan, WANG Xu, HE Zhen, ZHENG Nai-xi, ZHAN Zheng-xuan, ZHANG Ying-jie, ZHANG Yi-qiang and SU You-xin
  2017,25(5):494-499 [Abstract]  [View PDF(5.30 M)]
Effects of 20 Hz sinusoidal or 20 Hz square wave stroboscopic illumination on the eyeball growth in guinea pigs
  DI Yue, LU Na, ZHOU Xiao-dong, LUO Xiu-mei and QIAO Tong
  2017,25(5):500-505 [Abstract]  [View PDF(5.12 M)]
Effect of single intraosseous injection of simvastatin on neoangiogenesis in myocardial infarction in rats
  LIU Can, HAI Bao, ZHANG Wen, ZHU Jun-xiong, WANG Hong, LI Zi-jian, XU Ying-sheng and SONG Chun-li
  2017,25(5):506-512 [Abstract]  [View PDF(9.99 M)]
Establishment and application of an in vitro mouse intestinal organoid culture system
  WAN Guang-sheng and ZHANG Xin-yan
  2017,25(5):513-518 [Abstract]  [View PDF(11.15 M)]
Effect of electroacupuncture on somatosensory evoked potentials in dog models of intervertebral disc prolapse
  LI Tuo, KONG Xue-li, CONG Xin-yu, ZHU Yu-xin, JIANG Dai-xun and CHEN Wu
  2017,25(5):519-523 [Abstract]  [View PDF(3.46 M)]
PM2.5 induces oxidative stress and histopathological changes in the uterus of rats
  ZHANG Feng-quan, DONG En-heng, WANG Jian-qiang, CAO Jin-cheng, GUO Xu-dong and WU Wei-dong
  2017,25(5):524-527 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.62 M)]
Establishment and evaluation of a guinea pig model of itching
  MI Ben-zhong, YANG Wu-bin, LUO Xiao-ling, WANG Yi, HU Juan, XU Jia-hong and QIAO Xing-fang
  2017,25(5):528-533 [Abstract]  [View PDF(7.15 M)]
MRI analysis of right ventricular function in rat model of pulmonary artery hypertension induced by monocrotaline
  GAO Yan and SU Zhuang-zhi
  2017,25(5):534-538 [Abstract]  [View PDF(4.01 M)]
Metabolomic analysis of the changes of pathways in immunosuppressive mechanism caused by cyclophosphamide in mice
  SHI Xuan, YANG Yong, QIN Wei-han, XU Jia-hong, YANG Da-jian and GUO Yan-lei
  2017,25(5):539-543 [Abstract]  [View PDF(4.51 M)]
Preparation and evaluation of the rat model of chronic nonbacterial prostatitis induced by carrageenan
  DAI Ying-he, LONG Xiao-qin, LIU Chen-qi, YANG Shu-xian, LI Li-yong, YUAN Jing-quan, YI Wei and CAO Li
  2017,25(5):544-550 [Abstract]  [View PDF(8.89 M)]
Establishment of an anxiety-like gastric hypersensitivity rat model of functional dyspepsia induced by a new method of sequential stress
  JING Fu-chun, ZHANG Jun, FENG Cheng, NIAN Yuan-yuan, YANG Bao-de, HU Hao, SUN Xiao-ming and ZHENG Jian-yun
  2017,25(5):551-557 [Abstract]  [View PDF(3.42 M)]
Effects of maca extract on exercise endurance and blood hormone levels in the rats
  YU Fa-rong, CHEN Wang-jun, XIE Ming-ren, LIAN Xiu-zhen, LI Deng-lou, GUO Yun-xuan and YANG Bo
  2017,25(5):558-562 [Abstract]  [View PDF(819.77 K)]
Alcohol promotes the tumorigenesis of spontaneous breast cancer in TA2 mice and the possible potential mechanism
  XU Mo, CHEN Zhi-jun, GUI Zhao-hua, CHEN Dan-lei, ZHAO Hao-dong, YANG Fan and WANG Si-ying
  2017,25(5):563-566 [Abstract]  [View PDF(915.67 K)]
Effect of curcumin on chemical intervention and mechanism of MNU-induced bladder cancer in rats
  WU Jin-sheng, WANG Qing-ming, ZHENG Chuan-qiu, JI Meng and SUN Li-jiang
  2017,25(5):567-571 [Abstract]  [View PDF(10.80 M)]


Advances in research on hyperuricemia in avians
  LIN Zhi-jian, LI Fan and ZHANG Bing
  2017,25(5):572-576 [Abstract]  [View PDF(736.85 K)]
Research advances on animal infection and animal models of severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome virus
  SUN Na and CHEN Zhi-hai
  2017,25(5):577-580 [Abstract]  [View PDF(737.69 K)]
Research progress on osteogenic differentiation of adipose-derived stem cells
  LIU Qin, CHEN Fang, WANG Li-ping and ZHANG Yi
  2017,25(5):581-586 [Abstract]  [View PDF(781.37 K)]