Production, quality control and application of SPF pigs

1.Chongqing Academy of Animal Sciences, Chongqing 402460, China. 2. Key Laboratory of Pig Industry Science, Ministry of Agriculture, Chongqing 402460. 3. National Center of Technology Innovation for Swine, Chongqing 402460. 4. Chongqing Key Laboratory of Pig Industry Sciences, Chongqing Academy of Animal Sciences, Chongqing 402460. 5. Farm Animal Genetic Resource Exploration and Innovation Key Laboratory of Sichuan Province, Sichuan Agricultural University, Chengdu 611130

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    Specific-pathogen-free ( SPF) pigs have been developed to prevent specific pig diseases and are important not only in the pig production industry, but also in life science research, and the production of biological products. Here, we review research progress on pathogen control and the quality control procedures applied to the production of SPF pigs throughout the world. We also provide an overview of the method for the purification of pathogens from SPF pigs, and briefly discuss the current applications of SPF pigs and potential future developments.

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