Establishment of a rat model family with spontaneous short stature and identification of its main biological characteristics

Laboratory Animal Center of Zunyi Medical University, Zunyi 563006, China

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    Objective The aim of this study was to establish a rat model of spontaneous short stature associated with female infertility. The main biological characteristics of the rat model were then identified. Methods The pedigree of mutant individuals with a short stature in the production group of SD rats was established by expanding the population. The proportion of offspring of mutant individuals with a short stature and that of the normal individuals was calculated and the genetic model was identified. Weight, body size, weight and index of main organs, blood physiology ( 18 items), biochemistry ( 20 items ), and reproductive performance of the mutant individuals were determined to clarify their phenotypic characteristics and biological characteristics. Results A family of SD rats with idiopathic autosomal dominant mutations was established, which was named SSR. Adult (12 weeks old) SSR rat weights were 57% of wildtype (?) and 65% (♀),Very significant difference (P< 0. 01) . The body length, tail length, tibia length, femur length and other body size data of adult SSR and the weight of main organs ( heart, liver, spleen, lungs, kidneys, testes/ ovaries) were significantly lower than those of wild type rats (P< 0. 01); There were no significant differences in the adult SSR rat shinbone length, femoral bone length index, or major organ indexes, compared with the wildtype ( P> 0. 05 ). Reproductive organ development of adult female rats was normal, but ovulation was not observed. Conclusions Spontaneous autosomal dominant mutations in dwarfism lines that can be stably inherited were established, which can be used as an applied study for human growth and infertility models. Female individuals were found to be infertile during the study, but further studies are needed to determine whether infertile individuals can have children.

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