Application of zebrafish in functional food research

1.Hunter Biotechnology, Inc., Hangzhou 310051, China. 2. Early Test Base of Zhejiang Province Key Labrotary of Human Supplier Safety Evaluation, Hangzhou 310053. 3. New Hunter Testing Technology Company, Nanjing 210032

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    Zebrafish, a novel and well recognized model organism, has been widely used in many scientific fields, such as basic research, drug discovery, and development and environmental toxicology assessments, due to its low cost, high fecundity, external fertilization, short generation time, and transparency at early stages of development. In recent years, the zebrafish has emerged as a new type of vertebrate animal model for assessing nutrition, and biological functions. This article will introduce current uses of zebrafish in food science, including applications of zebrafish in the assessment of general and functional foods.

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